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Wallpaper displaying weather of your city

Weather wallpaper is a program which connects to NOAA each hour to get the current weather at the specified location and creates and sets a wallpaper with the data retrieved.


If you use Debian, Ubuntu, or another distro which uses deb packages, you can download the deb (weather-wallpaper-0.2.0.deb) and simply double-click on it to launch the installer, or you can add  repository to your sources.list file, so that your distro can inform you of new releases.

If you choose for the second method, open the file /etc/apt/sources.list with your favorite editor as root and add this line:

    deb hardy main

Update the list of packages writing sudo aptitude update on the terminal, and install the application by writing sudo aptitude install weather-wallpaper.

If you use other distribution, download the tar.gz: weather-wallpaper-0.2.0.tar.gz, uncompress it, and execute the command make install with root privileges.


To start the program run Application -- Accessories -- Weather wallpaper.

The program will retrieve the weather report from NOAA and create a wallpaper with the information for the default location: Getafe, Madrid, Spain. To change it to your current location, right click on the status icon and select preferences, where you can specify the ICAO Location Indicator for your city and select the unit system you want to use.


Anonymous said...

The repository for intrepid does not contain the weather-wallpaper program.

The repository for hardy does contain it.

You need to fix your Packages file for intrepid!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could add locations based on the WMO Index Number too.

Stations on NOAA are identified either by
a 5-digit WMO index number or a 4-character ICAO location indicator.

Your program works only with the ICAO indicator. I just checked and the station in my area has only the WMO index, so I cannot use the program!

Anonymous said...

My Intrepid doesn't find it either....

DevOps said...

Thanks, Corrected the article.

Anonymous said...

I used The Provided Deb Package in the article.. worked just fine on my Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid now to get it working with local weather

Anonymous said...

Help: Application -- Accessories -- Weather wallpaper - does not run?

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