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UI Application to hide Messages into Picture or Sounds files (Steganography) - SilentEye

SilentEye is a cross-platform application design for an easy use of steganography, in this case hiding messages into pictures or sounds. It provides a pretty nice interface and an easy integration of new steganography algorithm and cryptography process by using a plug-ins system.

SilentEye plug-in:
Cryptography plug-ins:
  * Allow application to encrypt data before hiding them, for example using AES 128.

Format Plug-in:
  * Image format plug-ins: By default a BMP plug-in is provided, which allow you to save encoded images into .bmp files. (JPEG plug-in is on its way...)
  * Audio format plug-ins: WAVE plug-in provided for .wav files

SilentEye Installation:
Ubuntu users can download the SilentEye deb file from here, doubleclick on this downloaded file to install SilentEye.

After successful installation you can open SilentEye from Application > Accessories > SilentEye 

Using silenteye is really very simple, first add or drag any image file into the main window and click on the "encode" button to hide your any secret message into this image (as shown above in picture) and finally click on the "Encode" button this will generate the new file with the hidden message.

Now to decode the message using silenteye is again very simple, you first need to load the image (containing the hidden message) into main window and click on the "decode" button to get your secret message from the image file (as shown in the picture above).

There are other steganography tools (command line) that can be used to do the same job of hiding secrete messages ...
  * OutGuess
  * Steghide


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