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Application Launchers

Gnome Do (

GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many items present in your GNOME desktop environment.  These include applications, Evolution contacts, Firefox bookmarks, files, artists and albums in Rhythmbox, Pidgin buddies, etc.), as well as letting you perform commonly used actions on those items (Run, Open, Email, Chat, Play, etc.). 

Press Super+Spave (Windows+Space) brings up a dialog, at which point anyting can be typed.  In the screenshot to the left, typing ev has brought up the Evolution icon. GNOME Do's pop-up window has two panes: the left pane displays the matches for what you type on the keyboard, and the right displays the action that will happen when you press Enter.

GNOME Do is plugin based, allowing it to be easily extended to handle new items and actions.  This package contains a core set of items and actions.

Although GNOME Do primarily targets the GNOME desktop, it also works under other desktop environments

Features include:
    * Built-in Plugins:
          o Firefox - indexes Firefox bookmarks
          o Files - indexes files in user-specified directories
    * Official Plugins for Rhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok, Google Calculator, Evolution, Pidgin, GNOME Session, Search Web, Locate Files, Epiphany, Play Slideshow, Tasque, Tomboy, Twitter, AptUrl, SSH and Vinagre
    * Third-party Plugins: Disk Mounter, Wordnet, TSClient, Gmail, XSearch,, RSS, and GNOME Terminal Actions

Launchy (

Launchy is a utility designed to help users forget about the application menu, the icons on the desktop, and even the file manager.
Launchy indexes and launches applications, documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes.

Once Launchy has been started, it hides in the background. It is then brought forward by holding the alt key and tapping the space key. A user then type in a few keys of the program he or she is searching for and hits enter once it has been found. Launchy can be made to dissappear again by hitting escape or alt+space.

Features include:
    * Plugin Support:
          o Weby - supporting google, msn, yahoo, live, weather, amazon, wikipedia, dictionary, thesaurus, imdb, netflix, and msdn websearch
          o Foxy - automatically load your Firefox bookmarks into the database.
          o Calcy Plugin - simple math calculation

Katapult (

Katapult is a KDE application that provides users with faster and easier access to their applications, bookmarks, and more. It is plugin-based and can launch anything it has a plugin for.

Its plugin-driven appearance is completely customizable. Katapult was inspired by Quicksilver for Mac OS X.

Katapult is launched simply by pressing Alt-Space. This pops up the Katapult launcher, allowing the user to type in the name of the application wanted to launch.

If you prefer the GNOME desktop environment, you may wish to try out Gnome Do.

Features include:
    * All applications listed in KMenu
    * Entire Amarok playlist
    * All of you bookmarks (Automatic Mozilla import, or manual import of file)
    * Use Katapult as a calculator
    * Use Katapult to see if you are spelling a word correctly
    * Easy access to all of your documents in the home directory


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