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Install Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Activity Journal Under Ubuntu

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the user's activities and events (files opened, websites visited, conversations held with other people, etc.) and makes relevant information available to other applications. It is able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and usage patterns.

All of the information is stored in one central database for quick access and any application can easily add it’s own data to the mix. There are several user interfaces which show the information stored in the database, sorting it by type, date, or relevance to other files. They let users tag documents, bookmark them, and even attach custom notes to each item in the database.

Zeitgeist Activity Journal is your portal to the world of Zeitgeist. It’s an user interface ideal for easily browsing and finding every kind of user activity (files, webpages, contacts,…) on your computer.

It incorporates search, file preview, tag, bookmark, timeline visualization and other useful features. It is an alternative to finding your data using the hierarchical files-system and instead depending on the concept of remembering when and in which context data were used.

For installing Gnome Activity Journal in Ubuntu, just type the following commands in your terminal.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install zeitgeist gnome-activity-journal
Once installed, you will find your Activity Journal under Applications > Accessories > Activity Journal.

Zeitgeist Activity Log Manager is a graphical user interface which lets you easily control what gets logged by Zeitgeist. It supports setting up blacklists according to several criteria (such as application or file types), temporarily stopping all logging as well as deleting recent events.

Activity log manager can be installed from the following PPA, open the terminal and type following command:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install activity-log-manager

People are sometimes scared that information Zeitgeist has logged can be dangerous if it gets leaked. If you feel worried that malware might gain access to your information you need to be a bit more paranoid.

Zeitgeist events are available in the same way your Firefox and Chrome browsing history is very easily accessible. Pidgin even saves your password in plain text in your home directory.


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it does not show browsing history of each user

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