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A Complete music player (with ipod support) - Exaile

Exaile is a music player aiming to be similar to KDE's Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python. It incorporates many of the cool things from Amarok (and other media players) like automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, support, and optional iPod support via a plugin.

In addition, Exaile also includes a built-in SHOUTcast directory browser, tabbed playlists (so you can have more than one playlist open at a time), blacklisting of tracks (so they don't get scanned into your library), downloading of guitar tablature from, and submitting played tracks on your iPod to

Installation: Ubuntu
Users of Ubuntu Gutsy, Hardy or Intrepid can optionally use this repository. Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

Gutsy: deb gutsy main
Hardy: deb hardy main
Intrepid: deb intrepid main

and then type the following:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install exaile

Installing from source:
1. The following pre-requisites are required to download, compile and build in Debian/Ubuntu

   * bzr
   * debhelper (>= 5)
   * python-dev
   * python-gtk2-dev
   * buildtools
   * gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
   * python-gst0.10
   * python
   * python-gtk2
   * python-glade2
   * python-dbus
   * python-pyvorbis
   * python-mutagen
   * python-pysqlite2 | python (>= 2.5)
   * python-elementtree | python (>= 2.5)
   * gstreamer0.10-plugins-base

To do this in a simple manner, copy the text above in a temporary file, remove the version strings and execute:

     cat | xargs sudo apt-get -y install

Another way to do the same would be to:

      sudo apt-get build-dep exaile

Make sure that python-mutagen is installed otherwise exaile will have errors.

2. Check out the code from the bazaar repository

     $ bzr checkout exaile

This will create a directory exaile/ and download the latest source code from /trunk

3. CD into the downloaded directory and build exaile

     cd exaile

This will compile exaile

4. Install

    sudo make install

5. Start the program by running exaile



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