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Create avatars with MeMaker in Ubuntu

MeMaker gives users a wide variety of images that, when placed together, create an avatar. This avatar is intended to represent the way that this person is in some way. The goal of the project is to have enough images that anyone can create an image that they feel would closely represent them without having to use a photo in the image itself.

MeMaker is a nifty little tool that takes packages of theme avatar features and easily places them together to make an avatar of your liking. Features include Hair, Faces, Eyes, even Glasses and Accessories like hats and earings.

· GTK+ version 2.10.x
· pygtk
· rsvg-libraries

Installation on Ubuntu:
1. Install bzr and python-lxml packages:

sudo apt-get install bzr python-lxml

2. Get the source:

bzr checkout encompass/memaker/trunk memaker

3. Copy the features folder to .MeMaker folder:

mkdir ~/.MeMaker
cp -r memaker/features/ ~/.MeMaker/

4. Run MeMaker:

cd memaker/src/


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