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Adobe Flash Player 10 installation on OpenSuSe

With Flash Player 10, Adobe is focusing on building "expressive" applications for the Web, said Tom Barclay, Adobe senior product marketing manager for Flash Player. Applications can be deployed including online video, rich Internet applications, online games, and other interactive experiences.

Built-in support for 3D is featured, as opposed to the third-party support previously offered. Developers can work in 2D and transform 2D objects into the 3D space

Version 10 also features the ability to build custom filters and effects via Adobe Pixel Bender technology, which previously was featured in Adobe After Effects CS4 software. Developers can build motion graphics and special effects.

A new text engine in Flash Player 10 offers multilingual text capabilities and flowable text that can be laid out vertically and horizontally. Other major features in version 10 include dynamic streaming for video playback, supporting multiple bit rates, and advanced audio processing, which enables development of applications like music sequencers. For more details, click here to view the release notes for Adobe Flash Player 10

Install Adobe Flash Player 10
To install Adobe Flashplayer 10, it is important that you uninstall any previous versions of flashplayer installed on your openSUSE.

To check if flashplayer is already installed on your system

    # rpm -qa | grep flash

If any is uninstall as a root user as follows:

    # rpm -e flash-player

Now, download Adobe Flash Player 10 (tar.gz)  from here.
Once downloaded, unzip, untar the downloaded file.

# tar -zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
# cd install_flash_player_10_linux

Before installing make sure you close all your browsers and run the following command as a normal user
nikesh@poison:~> ./flashplayer-installer

Copyright(C) 2002-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC.  All rights reserved.
Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux
Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed on this machine.
You are running the Adobe Flash Player installer as the "root" user.
Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed system-wide.
Support is available at
To install Adobe Flash Player 10 now, press ENTER.
To cancel the installation at any time, press Control-C.
----------- Install Action Summary -----------

Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed in the following directory:
Mozilla installation directory  = /home/nikesh/.mozilla
Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): y

"Enter" to begin the installation and finally press "y" to complete the installation of Adobe Flash Player in your openSUSE.

To confirm successful installation launch your Firefox browser and in the address bar type “about:plugins” and press enter. This show the installed plugins of which one should be your newly installed Adobe Flashplayer 10

or go to --  to check the version of the Flash player installed


Anonymous said...

Hey, man, U really sugges installing stuff by third-party scrips, not by package manager?
R U nut, or what?
Adobe does provide rpm package.

DevOps said...

It's the same thing.

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