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Installing VMware on Ubuntu

VMware software provides a completely virtualized set of hardware to the guest operating system. VMware software virtualizes the hardware for a video adapter, a network adapter, and hard disk adapters. The host provides pass-through drivers for guest USB, serial, and parallel devices. In this way, VMware virtual machines become highly portable between computers, because every host looks nearly identical to the guest. In practice, a systems administrator can pause operations on a virtual machine guest, move or copy that guest to another physical computer, and there resume execution exactly at the point of suspension. Alternately, for enterprise servers, a feature called VMotion allows the migration of operational guest virtual machines between similar but separate hardware hosts sharing the same storage.

Download VMware

    * wget

While you begin downloading VMware, register here to get the free serial key.

Also, install the following package:

  * sudo apt-get install kernel-package xinetd

Now, unpack the VMware pacakage:

  * tar zxvf VMware-server-1.0.8-126538.tar.gz
  * cd vmware-server-directory

Run the installation script:

  * sudo ./

Now you will get a series of questions that you need to answer and finally it will install the VMserver on your Ubuntu box.


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excelelente muchisimas gracias muy bien explicado.....

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