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Disable unnecessary services in Ubuntu - Boot-Up Manager

The startup scripts located in /etc/init.d are part of the bootup sequence of every Debian-like distro. Very often Ubuntu's documentation and guides have suggested - in order to deactivate init scripts - to change the permissions of the scripts in /etc/init.d, making them non-executable. This will have the following consequences:

    * You'll get an error message at boot time (to avoid it you need to patch all the scripts);
    * You are breaking the logical chain stated in debian-policy concerning runlevel configuration.

If the logic of a debian-like system boot up sequence is not very clear and familiar to you, you should not play with symlinks, permissions, etc. In order to avoid messing up your system, Boot-Up Manager will automate all of your configuration in a nice and clean graphical interface.

Boot-Up Manager is a Perl-Gtk2 application to handle runlevels configuration of any debian derivative system. With this program the user will easily start and stop boot-up scripts, without the necessity to handle thru complex links and permissions.

Boot-Up Manager has been developed and tested on Ubuntu, but as it only relies on Perl-Gtk2 libraries, it can be run on any Debian-like system.

BUM is currently in Debian unstable/testing and in all Ubuntu's repositories. These users can just apt-get it.

apt-get install bum

Other users of debian-derivative distro's can just download the .deb package and type, from a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i bum_2.1.8-1_all.deb

Your Boot-Up Manager is placed into System->Administration menu.

Unpack your tarball and build the program:
tar -xvzf bum-2.2.0.tar.gz
cd bum-2.2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Last command must be run with root privileges. Please read the INSTALL file, for configuration options.


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