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Monitor Changes to Files/Folders/Process/Website/Email etc .. using Specto

Specto is a desktop application that will watch configurable events (such as website updates, emails, file and folder changes, system processes, etc) and then trigger notifications.

For example, Specto can watch a website for updates (or a syndication feed, or an image, etc), and notify you when there is activity (otherwise, Specto will just stay out of the way). This changes the way you work, because you can be informed of events instead of having to look out for them.

OpenSuSe user can use "1-click" installer to install Specto
OpenSuSe 11.1 - Here

After successful installation go to terminal and type command: specto to start the application

Specto interface is clean and simple which makes it easy to use and add the events that needs to be monitor, any changes to the events (like file got modified or folder got deleted etc ..) make specto to trigger the notification on your system tray, something like ...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. This program was very useful in monitoring folders which I sync to my server.

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