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Blubuntu, Blue theme for Ubuntu

Blubuntu is for the people who "hate" the default "brown" theme that comes by default with Ubuntu.

First Check these:
GTK2 Theme: BlubuntuGtkTheme
Window Borders: BlubuntuMetacity
Wallpaper: BlubuntuWallpaper
GDM Theme: BlubuntuGdmTheme
Icon Set: BlubuntuIcons
Login Splash: BlubuntuLoginSplash
Usplash Theme: BlubuntuUsplash

$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-look (to install everything)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-theme (for item)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-gdm-theme (for GDM)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-wallpapers (to screen)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-session-splashes (for splashes)


Kamalakar Agashe said...

~$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-look

Tries to remove ubuntu-desktop

How can I remove the desktop?

Mr.Goose said...

Blubuntu is a great looking theme - far more attractive than Ubuntu's default dung-like hues. Unfortunately, there is a bug in the package, rendering it uninstallable and hence utterly useless...

Sady, almost a year on, it STILL hasn't been fixed.

I used KDE instead for a while. Unfortunately that's been severely messed up too since the adoption of KDE4. Seems the KDE developers value stupid widgets more highly than stability! Kubuntu 8.04 is the last release with the nice. pretty, stable KDE 3.5x.

In fairness, KDE 4 will probably be quite nice in a few years time. And I guess Blubuntu will be fixed at some point in the dim and distant future too. However, in the meantime, it seems that Canonical is incapable of producing a modern desktop that is both stable and actually looks nice too!

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