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Upgrade Fedora 9 with Fedora 10

Fedora  10 codenamed "Cambridge" has been released. This new version of the community oriented, Red Hat backed Linux distribution comes with new features which enhance the end user experience.

Fedora 10 is built on Linux kernel version 2.6.27. It comes with improved support for a choice of webcams, improved infrared remote support, better Bluetooth support which incorporates a new, easier to use wizard for setting up keyboards, mice, and other supported Bluetooth devices, A new improved graphical boot system called Plymouth, OpenOffice 3, Firefox 3.0.4, GNOME 2.24, KDE 4.1, LXDE, GIMP 2.6, you got it all in Fedora 10.

Before we upgrade, we must install the latest updates:  # yum -y update
Next clean the yum cache:  # yum clean all

Install the Fedora 10 release packages:

For i386: 
# rpm -Uvh*.noarch.rpm

For x86_64: 
# rpm -Uvh*.noarch.rpm

Then run
# yum clean all
# yum -y upgrade

After scucessfull upgrade, Install the new GRUB bootloader to the MBR of your hard drive:

# /sbin/grub-install /dev/sda

Replace /dev/sda with your own hard drive - you can find that out by running: # fdisk -l
Finally, we reboot the system: # reboot


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