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Shares Files Using HTTP Protocol - Qweborf

Transferring files from one computer to another on a network isn't always a straightforward task. Equipping networks with a file server or FTP server or common web server is one way to simplify the process of exchanging files, but if you need a simpler yet efficient method, try Qweborf, Qweborf is a small GUI based application that facilitates transfer of files across networks and only requires the recipient of the files have a Web browser.

Qweborf  provides  an  easy to use interface to share local files using the HTTP protocol weborf as web-server.  It can enable writing on  the  server,  webdav  and authentication.

Qweborf Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command to install Qweborf:
sudo apt-get install qweborf
After successful installation, open the application and setup the directory that you want to share, check the pic below ...

you can also setup the port and enable the authentication on accessing your share using "Intermediate" tab as shown in the pic below ...

There are many more ways to share the file, check out ...
Sharing Directory Content over HTTP using python "SimpleHTTPServer" - here
Woof - Simple Web-based File Sharing - here


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