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Secure Proxy to Surf the Web Anonymously on Linux - Anon-Proxy

Anon-Proxy contains the JAP client which acts as a local proxy between your browser and the insecure Internet. All requests for web pages are handled by JAP and are encrypted several times. The encrypted messages are sent through a chain of intermediate servers (named Mixes) to the final destination on the Internet.

Multiple layers of encryption protect all messages. A Mix collects messages in a batch, totally changes their appearance (removes one layer of encryption) and forwards them all at the same time, but in a different order. An adversary may observe all communication links, however he cannot determine a relation between incoming and outgoing packets. A surfer remains anonymous within the group of all users of the service.

Demonstrably, the Anon-Proxy protects your privacy as long as the Mix works correctly. Each message passes through several Mixes and the entire chain of Mixes has to be corrupt to successfully observe the user's activities. The chaining effectively prevents single Mixes from observing. This is the meaning of strong anonymity: Even the anonymity service itself cannot spy on its users.

Anon-Proxy Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command to install Anon-Proxy:
sudo apt-get install anon-proxy 
The above command will install and start the Anon-Proxy service on port 4001, you can see the Anon-Proxy configuration port and other service start-up options in Anon-Proxy configuration file /etc/default/anon-proxy

Configure browser to use Anon-Proxy:
To configure any application including a web browser to use Anon-Proxy, modify the proxy setting with the IP address (localhost) or the IP address of machine where Anon-Proxy is running and the port number that you have specified in the /etc/default/anon-proxy (default 4001).

Below example showing the Firefox configuration for using  Anon-Proxy running on IP address and port 4001.

Now, go to and see if you getting some different IP address.
you can also configure your Linux system for anonymous web surfing using TOR


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