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Metadata Injector for FLV Video Files - Flvmeta

The information that composes an FLV file is the data, and the metadata is information about that video. The length of the video (duration), the number of frames per second that the video displays (frame rate), and the number of kilobytes of data transferred per second when the video plays (video and audio data rates, where applicable) are all examples of video metadata. Additionally, the codec used to encode the video is also available.

Importance of FLV Metadata
Most FLV players read the metadata first to know the duration of the video file. After that it initializes or synchronizes the video file with its timeline or seekbar. If there is no metadata the seekbar will not progress with the video. Secondly, for more intelligent FLV players that serve the video or rather buffer the video dynamically, depending on the user’s internet speed, the FLV players read the FLV video bitrate from the FLV metadata and then sets the buffer accordingly.

A lot of new features have been added to latest version of Flvmeta, here is an exhaustive list:
 * Added proper command line handling and help.
 * Added the possibility to overwrite the input file when the output file is not specified or when both files are physically the same.
 * Added support for CMake builds in addition to autotools. It is now the official way to build flvmeta on Windows.
 * Added metadata and full file dumping, integrating former flvdump functionality into flvmeta.
 * Added support for XML, YAML, and JSON formats for dumping.
 * Added XML schemas describing the various formats used by flvmeta.
 * Added a file checking feature (currently unimplemented)
 * Added the possibility to print output file metadata after a successful update using one of the supported formats.
 * Added a feature to insert custom metadata strings while updating.
 * Added an option to disable insertion of the onLastSecond event.
 * Added an option to preserve existing metadata tags if possible.
 * Added an option to fix invalid tags while updating (this is a highly experimental feature, should be used with caution)
 * Added an option to ignore invalid tags as much as possible instead of exiting at the first error detected.
 * Added an option to reset the file timestamps in order to correctly start at zero, for example if the file has been incorrectly split by buggy tools
 * Added an option to display informative messages while processing (not quite exhaustive for the moment)

Flvmeta Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command to install Flvmeta:
sudo apt-get install flvmeta
Using Flvmeta:
FLVmeta package contains two programs:
 * flvdump, an utility to print all informations about an input FLV file,
 * flvmeta, an utility to inject an onMetaData event in FLV files, as well as the onLastSecond event.
Open the terminal and type following command to insert any missing metadata for any flv video file:
flvmeta in_file.flv out_file.flv
After adding the metadata you can use following command to view the added metadata:
flvdump out_file.flv


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