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MySQL Password Recovery and Auditing Software - MysqlPasswordAuditor

MysqlPasswordAuditor is the FREE MySQL password recovery and auditing software (for windows based systems). MySQL is one of the popular and powerful database software used by most of the web based and server side applications.

If you have ever lost or forgotten your MySQL database password then MysqlPasswordAuditor can help in recovering it easily. It can also help you to audit Mysql database server setup in an corporate environment by discovering the weak password configurations. This makes it one of the must have tool for IT administrators & Penetration Testers.

MysqlPasswordAuditor is very easy to use with the simple dictionary based password recovery method. By default it includes small password list file, however you can find more password dictionary files at OpenWall collection. You can also use tools like Crunch, Cupp to generate custom password list files on your own and then use it with MysqlPasswordAuditor.

Features of MysqlPasswordAuditor
 * Free and Simple software to Recover/Audit MySQL Password.
 * Very useful for IT administrators & Penetration Testers
 * Dictionary based Password Recovery method
 * Detailed statistics such as  tested passwords, elapsed time, progress bar is displayed during Audit operation.
 * Simple, easy to use GUI interface
 * Integrated Installer for local Installation & uninstall.

MysqlPasswordAuditor Installation:
MysqlPasswordAuditor comes with Installer which can help you in local installation & uninstall. It has intuitive setup wizard (as shown in the screenshot below) which guides you through series of steps in completion of installation. At any point of time you can use Uninstaller to remove the software from the system. 

Download the MysqlPasswordAuditor installer - here, unzip the package and run the installer by double-clicking on Setup_MysqlPasswordAuditor.exe

Using MysqlPasswordAuditor    
MyMysqlPasswordAuditor is GUI application which is easy to use even for beginners. Here are simple steps

 * Launch MysqlPasswordAuditor on your system from installed location.
 * Enter your Mysql server IP address, port number, username for which to recover the password.
 * Next select or drag & drop the password list file (you can find one in the installed location)
 * Finally click on 'Start Audit' button to start the Mysql Password recovery operation.
 * You will see detailed statistics during password audit operation
 * On success, it will display the recovered password as shown in the screenshot below.
 * Else you will see the failure message and you can then try with bigger password list file.


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Hello Dude,

The MySQL database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its high performance, high reliability and ease of use. It is also the database of choice for a new generation of applications built on the LAMP stack. Thanks for sharing it.....

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