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A Fast Web Server Log Analyzer - Visitors

Visitors is a very fast web log analyzer for Linux, Windows, and other Unix-like operating systems. It takes as input a web server log file, and outputs statistics in form of different reports. The design principles are very different compared to other software of the same type:

* Designed to be executed by the command line, output html and text reports. The text report can be used in pipe to less to check web stats from ssh.
 * Support for real time statistics with the Visitors Stream Mode.
 * To specify the log format is not needed at all. Works out of box with apache and most other web servers with a standard log format.
 * It's a portable C program, can be compiled on many different systems.
 * The produced html report doesn't contain images or external CSS, is self-contained, you can send it by email to users.
 * Visitors is free software (and of course, freeware), under the terms of the GPL license.

Visitors Reports information
Visitors reports contain a number of useful information and statistics:
 * Requested pages.
 * Requested images.
 * Referrers by hits and age.
 * Unique visitors in each day.
 * Page views per visit.
 * Pages accessed by the Google crawler (and the date of google's last access on every page).
 * Percentage of visits originated from Google searches for every day.
 * User's navigation patterns (web trails).
 * Key phrases used in Google searches.
 * User agents.
 * Weekdays and Hours distributions of accesses.
 * Weekdays/Hours combined bidimentional map.
 * Month/Year combined bidimentional map.
 * Visual path analysis with Graphviz.
 * Operating systems, browsers and domains popularity.
 * 404 errors.

Visitors Installation:
Download Source code of version 0.7 (for Linux and all the other OSes) visitors-0.7.tar.gz
Open the terminal and type following command to compile visitors:
tar -zxvf visitors-0.7.tar.gz
cd visitors_0.7/
After this you should see visitor binary under the same directory.

Using Visitors:
The simplest usage, to be used interactively when you have a web log to check (for example over ssh in your web server), just type following to produce an human readable output in text only.
visitors /var/log/apache2/access.log | less
To generate html web stats with much more information you may use instead this:
visitors /var/log/apache2/access.log -o html > report.html
If you want information on the usage patterns for your site you must provide the url prefix of your web site, and specify the --trails option.
visitors -A -m 30 access.log -o html --trails --prefix > report.html

 Check the documentation for more information on how to use Visitors with various other useful options, you can find the copy of the Visitors doc in the visitors_0.7/ directory.


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