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Flash Video (flv) Metadata / Cue Point Injector and Cutting Tool - Flvtool2

FLVTool2 calculates various meta data and inserts a onMetaData tag in the video. It cuts FLV files and adds cue Points (onCuePoint). A debug command shows the inside of a FLV file and the print command gives meta data information in XML or YAML format.

What is CuePoint:
A cue point is a point at which the video player dispatches a cuePoint event while a video file plays. You can add cue points to an FLV file at times that you want an action to occur for another element on the web page. Cue points allow you to receive control in your ActionScript code to synchronize points in your FLV file with other actions on the web page. 

FLVTool2 Features
 * Batch processing
 * Directory recursion
 * Command chaining
 * FLV files cutting
 * onCuePoint tag insertation via XML file
 * Custom onMetaData key-value pairs
 * Meta data printout in XML or YAML
 * Simulation mode
 * Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
 * Ideal for serverside automatic meta data injection

Installing FLVTool2:
Open the terminal and type following command to install FLVTool2:
sudo apt-get install flvtool2
You can use dpkg to know more about flvtool2 after installing it
$ dpkg -s flvtool2
Using FLVTool2:
FLVTool2 is a command line tool
Adds an onMetaData tag and prints out the onMetaData tag data, but doesn't write updated information back (simulation mode).
flvtool2 -UPs example.flv

Adds an onMetaData tag and prints out debug information, but doesn't write updated information back (simulation mode).
flvtool2 -UDs example.flv
Cuts file after 2 seconds and writes it back to input-source.
flvtool2 -CU -o 2000 example.flv
Adds an onMetaData tag and redirects writing to out.flv.
flvtool2 -U example.flv stdout out.flv
Takes example.flv input from stdin (piped in), adds a onMetaData tag and writes file to out.flv.
cat example.flv | flvtool2 -U stdin out.flv
Pipes the output of ffmpeg into FLVTool2, updates the stream with a onMetaTag and writes it to myvideo.flv.
ffmpeg -i myvideo.mpg -f flv - | flvtool2 -U stdin myvideo.flv
Overwrites an existing metadata value using the -key:value switch. In this case the duration timestamp is modified.
flvtool2 -U -duration:55.435 example.flv
Look at the FLVTool2 man pages for more details.


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