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Things that will not work in OpenSuse 11.0

Xgl Versus AIGLX

On openSUSE 11.0 it is no longer possible to enable or disable Xgl with a graphical tool (such as gnome-xgl-settings in the past). Only the command line tool xgl-switch is still left to do this job. Instead AIGLX is now always enabled on supported hardware. There are still some issues with AIGLX (e.g., Xvideo is usually slower, OpenGL applications are misplaced when you rotate compiz' cube), but the majority of our customers are requesting to have AIGLX enabled by default. If you prefer Xgl over AIGLX use the command line tool xgl-switch to enable it:

xgl-switch --enable-xgl

If there are problems after enabling it (Xserver crashes, etc.) disable it again by running

xgl-switch --disable-xgl

The proprietary NVIDIA driver needs neither AIGLX nor Xgl for running with compositing managers as it provides its own framework. To enable Compiz, use "Desktop Effects (simple-ccsm)" application from the application menu.

Inode Size on the Ext3 Filesystem Increased

The inode size on the ext3 filesystem is increased from 128 to 256 by default. This change breaks many existing ext3 tools such as the windows tool EXTFS. If you depend on such tools, install openSUSE with the old value.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace Twice to Terminate the X Server

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace on GNOME, KDE, or any other graphical desktop does not terminate the X server any longer. If you press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace within 2 seconds again, it terminates the X server. On most hardware you hear a beep after the first Ctrl-Alt-Backspace press.


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