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cachemgr (Cache Manager) configuration for Squid

The cache manager (cachemgr.cgi) is a CGI utility comes with squid for displaying statistics about the squid process as it runs. The cache manager is a convenient way to manage the cache and view statistics without logging into the server

To make this configuration you need a webserver (Apache) running and configured.

1) Try to locate your cachemgr.cgi file which comes with the squid package, this can be done using rpm -ql command (different distro stores this file at different location), here you can also use locate/find command.

# rpm -ql squid | grep cachemgr.cgi

In this case my cachemgr.cgi is in /usr/share/doc/packages/squid/scripts/ directory

2) Copy cachemgr.cgi file to your configure script alias (/var/www/cgi-bin) directory of you Apache

3) Open squid.conf file and insert following two parameters at the end of the file

cachemgr_passwd your_Password all

4) Restart your squid and open your browser and type
you should see something like … , provide a configure e-mail and password (mentioned above)


Anonymous said...

ho can I do the above installation on Debian?

Anonymous said...

also how can I do it in gentoo?? My squid listen in 3128 port

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