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How to run IE (Internet Explorer) in OpenSuse

IEs4Linux is the simpler way to have Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Linux (or any OS running Wine). WINE is a opensource Windows API implementation for the Linux platform and IEs4Linux is the “installer” which will download, install and get IE to work with WINE.

1. Add the WINE repository for openSUSE 11.

YaST2 -> Software -> Software Repositories.

2. Install the WINE and cabextract package.

YaST2 -> Software -> Software Management.

3. Download IEs4Linux from here or use the command line method shown below.


4. Extract and run the IEs4Linux installer. You don’t need to be root for this.

tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*


Anonymous said...

I get the following error:

arch@linux-rs11:~/Desktop/ies4linux-latest/ies4linux-> ./ies4linux
IEs4Linux 2 is developed to be used with recent Wine versions (0.9.x). It seems that you are using an old version. It's recommended that you update your wine to the latest version (Go to:

/home/arch/Desktop/ies4linux-latest/ies4linux- GtkWarning: gtk_text_layout_real_invalidate: assertion `layout->wrap_loop_count == 0' failed
self.textbuffer.insert_with_tags(self.textbuffer.get_end_iter(), line, tag)
** Gtk:ERROR:(gtktextview.c:3403):gtk_text_view_validate_onscreen: assertion failed: (text_view->onscreen_validated)
ui/pygtk/ line 6: 7997 Aborted python "$IES4LINUX"/ui/pygtk/

any help is highly appreciated.

I run opensuse 11, kde 3.5

DevOps said...

Error message is saying it all, you need to update your wine package.

go to YaST and update Wine to the latest version. Just
search for Wine and right-click "Update Unconditionally" and then try
IEs4Linux again.

Should work fine.

Anonymous said...

Your wine does not have wineprefixcreate installed. Maybe you are running an old Wine version. Try to update it to the latest version.

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Install IE6 under Ubuntu with wine 1.0++~ | December 20th, 2010

Install IE6 in Ubuntu is not a hard thing. But if your wine version is 1.0+. You maybe have some problem.

~1~ IEs4Linux 2 is developed to be used with recent Wine versions (0.9.x). It seems that you are using an old version. It’s recommended that you update your wine to the latest version (Go to:


1. Go to the directory with the ies4linux script
2. Go to the lib directory
3. Find the file “” and open it with a text editor
4. Go to about line 36 in the “” file
5. Find the line:
wine –version 2>&1 | grep -q “0.9.” || warning $MSG_WARNING_OLDWINE
6. Change it to:
wine –version 2>&1 | egrep -q “0.9.|-1.” || warning $MSG_WARNING_OLDWINE
7. Save the changes to the “” file
8. Go back to the directory with ies4linux
9. Run as normal.

~2~ Your wine does not have wineprefixcreate install.

wine 1.1 uses winepath to replace wineprefixcreate. so …

1. lib/ 426line
set_wine_prefix “$BASEDIR/ie1/”
wineprefixcreate &> /dev/null

change to :
set_wine_prefix “$BASEDIR/ie1/”
winepath &> /dev/null

2. lib/ 242line
function create_wine_prefix {
if which wineprefixcreate &> /dev/null; then
( wineprefixcreate 2>&1 ) | debugPipe

change to :
function create_wine_prefix {
if which winepath &> /dev/null; then
( winepath 2>&1 ) | debugPipe

3. save and run ./ies4linux again.

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December 20th, 2010 4:16 pm
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Anonymous said...

You folks are great! I have been pulling out my hair on this one and you saved my bacon!

Anonymous said...


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