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Monitor your hardware Temperature - Ubuntu

Monitor your hardware Temperature - Ubuntu
Computer Temperature Monitor is a little applet for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature of your computer CPU and disks on screen. It allows you to log temperatures to a file. You can set alarms to notify you when a tempertature is reached.

Download (ubuntu): Here
Download (Source): Here

Configuration on Ubuntu:


Anonymous said...

Could you make a Ubuntu 10.10 compatible version


Anonymous said...

How to run it after installed?

Nikesh Jauhari said...

Computer Temperature Monitor is a applet for the GNOME desktop, so you need to rt click on the panel and click "Add to panel" and select "Computer Temperature Monitor" applet.

Analogue Meters said...

During the initial release of computers to the public market, most engineers and system designers have taken into consideration about the computer temperature as there will be heat discharged by the computers components. They also tried to ensure that the case and cooling designs could cope with the reasonable amount of heat to prevent system damage or instability issues.

Anonymous said...

on ubuntu 11.4 it won't install: in Ubuntu Software center it states :Dependency is not satisfiable: python-gnome2-desktop

Anonymous said...

is there a UNITY version?

Unknown said...

Great program I used to use this, I use accurate temperature measurement now to monitor all of my devices. It works so well.

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