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Few Quick How To’s for Fedora

How to list partition tables
fdisk -l

How to list filesystem disk space usage
df -T -h

How to list mounted devices

How to list PCI devices

lspci or /sbin/lspci
If the first does not work try the latter.

How to list USB devices

How to forcefully unmount CD/DVD-ROM manually
umount /media/cdrom0/ -l

How to remount /etc/fstab without rebooting
mount -a

How to generate MD5 checksum files
md5sum file.iso > file.iso.md5

How to check MD5 checksum of files
e.g. Assumed that file.iso and file.iso.md5 are in the same folder
md5sum -c file.iso.md5

How to mount/unmount Image (ISO) files without burning
mkdir /media/iso
modprobe loop
mount file.iso /media/iso/ -t iso9660 -o loop
umount /media/iso/

How to change computer name
hostname your_new_computer_name

How to access network folders without mounting
e.g. Assumed that network connections have been configured properly
Network computer’s IP:
Shared folder’s name: linux

How to connect into remote Fedora desktop
e.g. Assumed that remote Fedora machine have configured Remote Desktop
Remote Fedora machine:
vncviewer -fullscreen

How to install support for NTFS
yum -y install kernel-module-ntfs-$(uname -r)

How to disable history listing in Console mode
rm -f $HOME/.bash_history
touch $HOME/.bash_history
chmod 000 $HOME/.bash_history

How to use Fedora Installation CD, to gain root user access
Insert Fedora CD #1 into your CD-ROM and boot from it
linux rescue

How to restart GNOME/KDE without rebooting computer
Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + Backspace’

How to switch to Console mode in GNOME/KDE
Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + F1′ (F2 - F6)
To switch back to GNOME/KDE modePress ‘Alt + F7′

How to install/uninstall .rpm files
To install .rpm filerpm -i package_file.rpm
To uninstall .rpm filerpm -e package_name

How to set System-wide Environment Variables
cp /etc/bash.bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc_backupg
edit /etc/bash.bashrc
Append the System-wide Environment Variables at the end of file and save.

How to save “man” outputs into files
man command | col -b > file.txt

How to convert Wallpaper to Splash Image for GRUB menu
convert -resize 640×480 -colors 14 wallpaper.png
splashimage.xpm && gzip splashimage.xpm


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