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Execute a task ‘at’ the time you want

Procedure :

At the prompt type this command followed by

$ at 2359

The moment you press Enter the prompt changes into an arrow indicating that more information is required by Linux. Type the following command assuming you have installed XMMS player which plays mp3 files and that you actually have a mp3 file in the directory shown below

> xmms /home/david/mp3s/rock_my_world.mp3

Once you have typed the above press and then finally press -D

Thats it. Now Linux will make the XMMS player to play the particular mp3 file at the time 23:59. Thats just a minute before midnight. Linux surely rocks your world !! ;-)

Basically if you are using the 24 hour clock then you enter the time you want with the hours and the minutes together one after another. Hours = 0-23 & Minutes = 0-59. Then type the exact command that you would have typed had you wanted to execute the task manually. If you want you can issue more commands after the first one. Once you finish entering all the tasks press -D to indicate that you have finished. Then wait and enjoy.. Linux will do the rest.


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