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Nipper - The Network Infrastructure Parser

Nipper enables network administrators, security professionals and auditors to quickly produce reports on key network infrastructure devices.

The report can include a detailed security audit of the device settings or be a configuration report, the output is customisable. Nipper supports a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers such as Cisco, Nokia, Juniper, CheckPoint and Nortel.

If you have GNU make, then you can make use of the Makefile provided with Nipper. The procedure is as follows:

1. Download the latest Nipper source code - here.
2. Extract the source code.
3. Change directory to the source code directory.
4. Run make
5. As a privileged user, run make install

Device Support
Nipper supports a variety of different types of device from different manufacturers. With each new version of Nipper, this support is enhanced, expanded and more device types added. The current version of Nipper supports the following different types of device:

* Bay Networks Accelar
* CheckPoint VPN-1/Firewall-1
* Cisco Catalysts (IOS, CatOS and NMP)
* Cisco Content Services Switch (CSS)
* Cisco Routers (IOS)
* Cisco Security Applicances (PIX, ASA and FWSM)
* Juniper NetScreens
* Nokia IP Firewalls
* Notel Passports
* SonicWALL SonicOS Firewalls

Nipper supports several different report formats with a good chance that more will be added in the future. The current supported formats are:

* Latex
* ASCII text


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