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Couple of easy steps to Speed Up Linux

By default there are lot of services that are running on your system (Any Fedora system) and all these services consume your resource like CPU and Memory, increase your booting time and also open your system for attack, So in order to make your system run faster and safer we need to stop all these unwanted services.

Login with root account, go to console and fire command “ntsysv”, you should see something similar to this…Now stop all the unwanted services and restart your box, you should see some decrease in your booting time.

Note: If your not aware of what all these services means, please do some google or use command “system-config-services” which provides a good looking GUI interface and also provide some short description about all these services.

For suse use - They can use "yast2" to lookup the services.

2) Need to get more out of your linux
As per man pages of “mount” command, we have some good option to speed up the access of files from your HDD … “noatime option do not update inode access times on file system (e.g, for faster access on the news spool to speed up news servers)”So if we update the our fstab file and mount our root partition (/) with “noatime” will surely increase the speed of our box, (This is how you can do this - have similar entry for your “/” partition in your fstab file)

LABEL=/ / ext3 defaults,noatime 1 1


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