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Debian Package Viewer for files and contents - deb-gview

deb-gview Displays Debian control information, devscript details and details of the files that would be installed (names, sizes and locations). Files within the package can be viewed within the package or externally.

deb-gview has been extended via GnomeVFS to view the contents of any .deb in the archive without having to install the package and without having to separately download the .deb itself. Either copy the link address and load the .deb on the command line or configure your browser to use deb-gview as a helper for .deb files (right click a .deb and select open with... or similar). Then just double click on any text file within the .deb to view it. Also works with manpages and images inside the .deb, other filetypes can be supported via a config file. Supports viewing a .deb for any architecture, not just your own (useful to see if the autobuilders have really done what you expected with generated files).

Individual package files or packages referenced in a changes file can be viewed from local or remote

deb-gview Installation:
Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command:
sudo apt-get install deb-gview
After successful installation you can find deb-gview under Application > Programming > deb-gview
The deb-gview is really very simple to use, just click on "open" and select any downloaded .deb file to start viewing it;s content ...


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