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Configure Squid Proxy with ClamAV Antivirus using HAVP (HTTP Anti Virus Proxy)

HAVP (HTTP Anti Virus Proxy) is a non caching proxy which scans for viruses with ClamAV anti-virus scanner at the same time. The main aims are continuous, non-blocking downloads and smooth scanning of dynamic and password protected HTTP traffic. It can be used with squid or standalone, and it also supports transparent proxy mode.

HAVP (HTTP Anti Virus Proxy) features:
  * HTTP Antivirus proxy
  * Multiple scanner support at the same time
  * Scans complete incomming traffic
  * Nonblocking downloads
  * Smooth scanning of dynamic and password protected traffic
  * Can used with squid or other proxy
  * Parent proxy support
  * Transparent proxy support
  * Use Clamav (GPL antivirus)

Install HAVP
Open up the terminal and type following command to install HAVP:
sudo apt-get install havp
You can look at the detail configuration of HAVP under /etc/havp/havp.config file, most of the settings are fine with the default, finally start HAVP if it didn't start after the installation using following command:
/etc/init.d/havp start
It's ready, by default HAVP listens on port 8080. You can configure your web browser to use the server as a proxy.

Configure Squid to Use HAVP:
Once clamav and HAVP have been setup we need to setup squid to run with HAVP. edit the squid.conf file (/etc/squid/squid.conf) and add the following line
cache_peer parent 8000 0 no-query no-digest no-netdb-exchange default
Finally, we need to start/restart all the services, from command line ..
/etc/init.d/havp start
/etc/init.d/clamd start
/etc/init.d/squid restart
Check here for quick start squid configuration under Ubuntu system. 


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