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Monitor Network traffic or speed / progress of a file transfer in Linux - speedometer

Speedometer Monitor network traffic or speed/progress of a file transfer. The program can be used for cases like:

  * how long it will take for 100 mb transfer to finish
  * how quickly is another transfer going
  * how fast is the upstream on this ADSL line
  * how fast is data written to a file system.

Speedometer measures network traffic and the speed or progress of a certain file transfer. Let's say you want to see how fast someone can download a file from your server and how the download is going in real time. Enter speedometer filename, and the program will draw a progress bar that shows the speed of the transfer.

Speedometer can print the RX and TX rates on a per-interface basis (using -rx iface and -tx iface). You can use speedometer to test the upstream speed of your ADSL line, the transfer speed of your LAN, or the time needed to send a file to a server.

Speedometer Installation:
Debian or Ubuntu
Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command install Speedometer:
$ sudo apt-get install speedometer
Speedometer usage Examples
How long it will take for my 38MB transfer to finish?
$ speedometer favorite_episode.rm $((38*1024*1024))
How quickly is another transfer going?
$ speedometer dl/big.avi
How fast is the upstream and downstream on this ADSL line?
$ speedometer -rx eth0 -tx eth0

How fast is my filesystem?
$ dd bs=1000000 count=1000 if=/dev/zero of=big_nothing &
$ speedometer big_nothing


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