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Website links, Errors and Structure Checker - Webcheck

Webcheck is a website checking tool for web masters. It crawls a given website and generates a number of reports in the form of html pages. It is easy to use and generates simple, clear and readable reports.

Features of webcheck include:
 * support for http, https, ftp and file schemes
 * view the structure of a site
 * track down broken links
 * find potentially outdated and new pages
 * list links pointing to external sites
 * can run without user intervention
Installing Webcheck:
Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command to install Webcheck:
$ sudo apt-get install webcheck
Using webcheck:
Webcheck is a command line tool so, open up your terminal and type following command to run webcheck against your website
$ webcheck -a -o webcheck_reportsdir
Options are:
-a: void external links. Normally if webcheck is examining an HTML page and it finds a link that points to an external document, it will check to see if that external document exists. This flag disables that action.

-o: Output directory. Use to specify the directory where webcheck will dump its reports. If this directory does not exist it will be created for you (if possible). 

There are many other useful options that you can check out using command:
$ webcheck -- help

Once the webcheck execution is done over your website (, you can find the html reports under the directory that you have specified using command line option -o (e.g - webcheck_reportsdir), open up the index.html page using any browser and you should see something similar to this ....


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