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Tool for load testing of web applications - OpenLoad

OpenLoad is a tool for load testing web applications. It aims to be easy to use and providing near real-time performance measurements of the application under test. This is particularly useful when you are doing optimisation as you can see the impact of your changes almost immediately.

OpenLoad Installation:
OpenSuSe, Fedora and CentOS user can download OpenLoad from here (rpm) and can install it using command :
rpm -ivh openload-0.1.2-1.i386.rpm
Ubuntu, Debian users can install OpenLoad using following command:
sudo apt-get install openload
For other systems download the .tar.gz file from here, unpack it using:
tar xvzf openload-0.1.2.tar.gz
and compile using the normal procedure:
make install

Using OpenLoad:
OpenLoad is a command-line tool, that you execute from a prompt like this:
openload [options] 10
The 2 parameters are:

The url of the web page you want to test.
Number of simultaneous clients to use.
You will then get output similar to this:
$ openload http://localhost 5
URL: http://localhost:80/
Clients: 5
MaTps 567.00, Tps 567.00, Resp Time  0.009, Err   0%, Count   567
MaTps 578.30, Tps 680.00, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  1247
MaTps 588.47, Tps 680.00, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  1927
MaTps 597.92, Tps 683.00, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  2610
MaTps 604.83, Tps 667.00, Resp Time  0.008, Err   0%, Count  3277
MaTps 613.15, Tps 688.00, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  3965
MaTps 622.76, Tps 709.29, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  4675
MaTps 631.22, Tps 707.29, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  5383
MaTps 638.59, Tps 705.00, Resp Time  0.007, Err   0%, Count  6088

Total TPS: 662.60
Avg. Response time: 0.007 sec.
Max Response time: 0.169 sec
Total Requests: 6088
Total Errors: 0
  * MaTps: a 20 second moving average of TPS.
  * Tps: (Transactions Per Second) is the number of completed requests during that second.
  * Resp Time: the average response time in seconds for the elapsed second.
  * Err: the percentage of responses that was erronous, i.e. didn't return a HTTP 200 Ok staus.
  * Count: the total number of completed requests.
  * Total TPS is the average TPS for the whole run, i.e. (Total completed requests) / (Total elapsed time).
  * Avg. Response time: the overall average response time in seconds.
  * Max Response time: the highest response time during this run.

Note: you stop the run by pressing Enter.


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