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ACPI related Linux kernel parameters

Some hardware types, mainly fairly old or very recent ones, fail to install. In many cases, this might happen because support for this type of hardware is missing from the installation kernel or due to certain functionality included in this kernel, such as ACPI, that still cause problems on some hardware.

There are various other ACPI-related kernel parameters that can be entered at the boot prompt prior to booting for installation:

This parameter disables the complete ACPI subsystem on your computer. This may be useful if your computer cannot handle ACPI at all or if you think ACPI in your computer causes trouble.


Always enable ACPI even if your computer has an old BIOS dated before the year 2000. This parameter also enables ACPI if it is set in addition to acpi=off.

Do not use ACPI for IRQ routing.

Run only enough ACPI to enable hyper-threading.

Be less tolerant of platforms that are not strictly ACPI specification compliant.

Disable PCI IRQ routing of the new ACPI system.

This option is for serial or parallel problems when your BIOS setup contains wrong interrupts or ports.

Disable the time stamp counter. This option can be used to work around timing problems on your systems. It is a new feature, if you see regressions on your machine, especially time related or even total hangs, this option is worth a try.

Disable the nohz feature. If your machine hangs, this option might help. Generally, you do not need it.

Once you have determined the right parameter combination, you also need to writes them to the boot loader configuration (grub) to make sure that the system boots properly next time.


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