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UI Application for Viewing and Analysing the contents of music audio file - Sonic Visualiser

The essential requisite for analysing recordings is a system that allows you to listen to them closely and flexibly, and for this purpose there is a application call - Sonic Visualiser, this free program (Sonic Visualiser is Free Software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later) and available for Linux, OS/X, and Windows) is a highly customisable playback and visualisation environment.

A particularly attractive feature is the ability to synchronise a number of recordings so that you can jump from one to the corresponding point in another. There is a range of built-in visualisations such as spectrograms, again highly customisable, but an essential strength of Sonic Visualiser is its ability to support third-party plug-ins.

Sonic Visualiser contains features for the following:
 * Load audio files in WAV, Ogg and MP3 formats, and view their waveforms.
 * Look at audio visualisations such as spectrogram views, with interactive adjustment of display parameters.
 * Annotate audio data by adding labelled time points and defining segments, point values and curves.
 * Overlay annotations on top of one another with aligned scales, and overlay annotations on top of waveform or spectrogram views.
 * View the same data at multiple time resolutions simultaneously (for close-up and overview).
 * Run feature-extraction plugins to calculate annotations automatically, using algorithms such as beat trackers, pitch detectors and so on.
 * Import annotation layers from various text file formats.
 * Import note data from MIDI files, view it alongside other frequency scales, and play it with the original audio.
 * Play back the audio plus synthesised annotations, taking care to synchronise playback with display.
 * Select areas of interest, optionally snapping to nearby feature locations, and audition individual and comparative selections in seamless loops.
 * Time-stretch playback, slowing right down or speeding up to a tiny fraction or huge multiple of the original speed while retaining a synchronised display.
 * Export audio regions and annotation layers to external files.

Sonic Visualiser Installation:
Download the latest version of Sonic Visualiser (deb file) for Ubuntu system: here
Go to terminal (Application > Accessories > Terminal) and type following command to install Sonic Visualiser:
sudo dpkg -i sonic-visualiser_1.7.2cc-1_i386.deb
After sucessful installation, you can find Sonic Visualiser under Application > Sound & Video >  Sonic Visualiser

A Brief Reference manual for Sonic Visualiser is here which explains how to use this tool.


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