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System-wide Performance Profiler for Linux - Sysprof

Sysprof is a sampling CPU profiler that uses a Linux kernel module to profile the entire system, not just a single application. Sysprof handles shared libraries and applications do not need to be recompiled. In fact they don't even have to be restarted.

Sysprof has the following features:
  * profiles all running processes, not just a single application
  * Has a simple graphical interface
  * Shows the time spent in each branch of the call tree
  * Profiles can be loaded and saved

You need the sysprof kernel module (provided in sysprof-module-source) to use sysprof.

Sysprof Installation / Configuration under Ubuntu:
Ubuntu user can go to synaptic package Manager and search for "Sysprof" along with "sysprof-module-source", select the package and click to install.

After successful installation of "Sysprof" along with "sysprof-module-source" you need to prepare the kernel module, open up the terminal and type following command to prepare and install the Sysprof kernel module using this module you would be able to start the profiling.
sudo m-a a-i sysprof-module
After creation of the sysprof module you need to add this module into your kernel, type following command to add the module into the kernel
sudo modprobe sysprof-module
After successful installation you can now access the "Sysprof" under Application > Programming > Sysprof


runeks said...

I'm trying to run sysprof in Ubuntu 12.10 but the package sysprof-module-source isn't present here.

Any idea on how I can make it work?

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