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Improve Flash performance under Linux

Did you know that the Adobe Flash Player honors a few configuration files on the user’s local file system? There are 2 such files:

mm.cfg : user-local configuration file; lives in user’s home directory on Unix/Linux systems and is largely only useful when using content debugger versions of the Player

mms.cfg : system-wide configuration file, designed to allow administrators to set policy for all users on a system; lives in /etc/adobe on Unix/Linux systems.

There is a lengthy guide available that describes all of the various administration features and what the mms.cfg can do for you.

Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command:

Create directory: sudo mkdir /etc/adobe
Create file mms.cfg under directory /etc/adobe and add entry following entry into this file...
Also it may be possible to enable it via the hidden adobe folder inside the home folder, in which case use:
echo OverrideGPUValidation=true >> ~/.adobe/mms.cfg
Please don’t expect the option to be a magical speed boost option for the Flash Player as a whole but surely you should able to feel some improvement in the flash


fict10n said...

It is better to live without flash for me. Longer battery life on notebook, without CPU fan running, without potential fatal security hole, without Adobe backdoor, without flash cookies and spying. I do not want to support such companies as Adobe at all because of their unethical behaviour... Flash is a technology of the past, let it die in peace.
I am using HTML5 on youtube and "get_flash_video" works on most sites with flash content.

Anonymous said...

maye is this mistake , mms.cfg is for system wide, but why you place it in home directory ?
echo OverrideGPUValidation=true >> ~/.adobe/mms.cfg ?

Anonymous said...

-1 and disagree. ... there are times when there isn't an alternative to Flash. Like say, BBC content in Boxee to name one of many.

Anonymous said...

works well. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Too "old news", it doesn't work anymore:

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