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How to speed up the booting process for Grub2 boot loader using profiling

When you boot up your machine Grub does a search for all the necessary drivers to load. This takes time. Instead of making Grub search for these drivers, the profiling actually makes Grub remember every driver necessary to work, thereby cutting down all of the driver load times.

Profiling is a way of indexing IDes required for Grub during its part of the boot process. This allows it to locate required files quicker in the subsequent boots and thus accelerate the boot process.

At your GRUB2 boot screen press “e” (for edit) for your Linux menu.

   * Use your arrow key and move down to the entry beginning with “kernel”.
   * Press “e” again.
   * Add “profile” (no quotes) at the end of this line.
   * Hit Enter.
   * Click “b” (for boot).

You need to do this every time you update your kernel or have made other huge changes to your system that might affect the files needed during boot.

The first time it will take a little bit longer to boot because it has to build the index but every boot after this will be a lot smoother.

You can also speed up the booting process by disabling the loading of unnecessary Kernel modules.


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