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Offline Package Management for Ubuntu / Debian Systems - Keryx

Keryx provides a way to download software and updates for Ubuntu systems that have little or no connectivity to the Internet. Simply put Keryx on your pen drive, use it to create a new project file (which retains a copy of your software sources and other system details), then take the pen drive to a computer with a better connection. Via its Synaptic-like interface, users can then select all updates for download, plus select any other software they may want to install, complete with dependency resolution.

The most interesting part of Keryx is that you can install or upgrade the package for your Ubuntu or Debian system from another Linux or Windows system which got better Internet connection.

Download Keryx:
Go to the Keryx website and click the download link. Once the download is complete, unzip it and put the entire folder on a USB pen drive that has a decent amount of free space.

To run the application, go to  folder where you have extracted the Keryx (Keryx_Ubuntu_x86/linux) and execute the file : keryx_linux_32bit

On start of Keryx application, it will ask you to create the project which is nothing but the snapshot of your offline system, it will also download few files to prepare the repository.

Now when you take this project (USB drive) to some other system (Linux / MAC or Windows) and execute the keyrx (linux/keryx on Linux,or win32/keryx.exe on Windows) the Keryx application will start emulating the update by using the information from its project, Now, in the end you have all the packages, with resolved dependencies, on a pen-drive. Just plug it into your offline system and install them.

If you want to install any new application, just search for that particular application using the search bar on the Keryx, select it, right click on it and then choose 'Download’. The package(s) will be downloaded to your device and later you can install it on your offline Ubuntu system.


Anonymous said...

i cannot run the keryx_linux_32biut file. it says, cannot display the file because there is no software installed to run executable files. what should i do?

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