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Real time File Monitoring (File Watcher) UI Application - DaemonFS

To properly manage a PC it is recommended to know what changes occur during the use of the operating system or when you install / remove applications. With DaemonFS you can monitor the changes to file in real time.

DaemonFS lets you track modifications to your (or system configuration) files. Every time a file gets modified, a notification launched from the tray icon appears. a simple and effective file watcher.

DaemonFS may be used for reverse engineering, hard disk usage tracking, software analysis and more...

DaemonFS Features:
 * cross-platform Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
 * hidden files are also monitored
 * recursive file indexing
 * tray icon notifications
 * simple and tiny

DaemonFS Installation:
The easiest way to get DaemonFS running on a Debian based Linux (Ubuntu , LinuxMint....) is to download the deb-package from the (32bit | 64bit). After successful download open the file with the gdebi package installer (doubleclick on the downloaded .deb file), for dependencies all will be automatically installed.

After successful installation you can find the DaemonFS under Application > Accessories > DaemonFS

On starting the DaemonFS, the you first thing you need to add the files (or the directory) that you want DaemonFS to watch, save the changes and close the main DaemonFS windows, after this you can see a small DaemonFS icon on your task bar listening for the events.

Now, when someone edit (modify or delete) the file you can see the small notification message coming from the task bar and on clicking the notification message you should see something similar to this ....


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