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Resize, Rename and Convert Images on Linux - EasyImageSizer

EasyImageSizer is a simple application to compress, resize and rename Images. EasyImageSizer can reduce file size of most Photos because it uses a better compression than most Photo Cameras. Additional you can also reduce file size by reducing quality. Image transformation is also possible

To install EasyImageSizer on Ubuntu / Debian / openSUSE / Mandriva / Fedora / Windows, go to this page and download the proper installer for your distribution.

EasyImageSizer installation under Ubuntu:
Download the easyimagesizer_2.1.1_i386.deb file for EasyImageSizer into your home folder, after successful download double-click on the easyimagesizer_2.1.1_i386.deb file and use your Ubuntu software centre to install EasyImageSizer

After successful installation, you can find EasyImageSizer under Application > Universal Access >  EasyImageSizer

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