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All-in-One Performance Monitoring Tool for Linux - Nmon

nmon is a systems administrator, tuner, benchmark tool. It can display the CPU, memory, network, disks (mini graphs or numbers), file systems, NFS, top processes, resources (Linux version & processors) and on Power micro-partition information.

Data is displayed on the screen and updated once every two seconds, using a dumb screen. However, you can easily change this interval to a longer or shorter time period.

The nmon tool can also capture the same data to a text file for later analysis and graphing for reports. The output is in a spreadsheet format (.csv).

Installing nmon:
Open the terminal and type following command
sudo apt-get install nmon

Using nmon:
Nmon can output the data in two ways
First, On screen (console, telnet, VNC, putty or X Windows) using curses for low CPU impact which is updated once every two seconds. You hit single characters on you keyboard to enable/disable the various sorts of data.

After successful installation of nmon, you can run the utility using command: nmon
or use the command: nmon -h to get the list entire command line help for noon, Once nmon is launched, an interactive screen with the various options will be displayed on the screen.

Second, Save the data to a comma separated file for analysis and longer term data capture.
Here is the simple command to put the  nmon in background to collect the data:
nmon -f -s 30 -c 240
This will generate the data in current directory for two hours, capturing data every 30 seconds

 * Use this together with nmon Analyser Excel spreadsheet, which loads the nmon output file and automatically creates dozens of graphs ready for you to study or write performance reports.
 * Filter this data, add it to a rrd database (using an excellent freely available utility called rrdtool). This graphs the data to .gif or .png files plus generates the webpage .html file


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