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Utility to Search Google via your GNOME menu/panel - Googlizer

Googlizer  is a panel launcher for the GNOME desktop, although is by no means restricted to use in the panel, or within GNOME. It takes the  X selection,  sends  it  to  either the Google search engine ( , or local equivalent), or an arbitrary search URL specified on the command  line, and  then  passes the results to the user’s preferred browser in GNOME. This browser then starts up and shows the results of the search.

It is not designed to be invoked from the command line; but is supposed to  be  added to the user’s panel via the menu system. To  place  it on a panel, add a launcher and specify the path to the Googlizer binary as the command in the launcher options, or if you have a menu entry  on the GNOME menu, you can drag a copy of that launcher onto the panel.

Googlizer Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command:
sudo apt-get install googlizer

Using Googlizer:
Highlight  text  with  the pointer, and then click on the googlizer icon (as shown in the picture above). The browser  specified  in  the  user’s GNOME  URL  Handlers  preferences  will  appear with the results of the search. Googlizer has support for a command line option -u/-url to select an alternative URL to search the clipboard text.


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