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Powerful and Open MediaCenter for Ubuntu Linux - Enna

Enna is a Media Center application. Featuring a simple user interface, Enna allows the user to browse and play music and video files, browse pictures and play photo slideshows, build a database of the available media retrieve information from the Internet (such as covers, fan art, song lyrics, and much more). Enna is based on the powerful Enlightenment Foundations Libraries (EFL) for its graphical user interface and GeeXboX libraries for multimedia playback and information retrieval.

Enna Currently Supported ...
 * Read your favorite books from over the Internet. Enna currently support GoComics and OneManga content providers.
 * Get information from your system and configure it (as well as Enna) quite easily.
 * Listen to your favorite songs. Enna currently can display your music cover, the usual metadata information (song title, artist, album) and lyrics as well.
 * Provide a pictures wall representation of your photo collection. Also supports customizable slideshow effects.
 * Watch your favorite movies and TV Shows. Enna automatically fetches information from your media to display cover, fanart pictures, synopsis, categories, users rating, actors, directors and such a like.
 * Displays the current weather at your location and the 4-days forecast. Weather information are provided by Google Web services.
 * Let you play your personnal Video DVDs.
 * Let you browse your local file system (HDDs, USB keys, SAMBA/NFS mounted network shares
 * All accessible media files are automatically parsed by Enna and stored in an SQLite database. You can then browse your favorite media collection by type, categories, artist and so on.
 * let you control Enna through any LIRC-compatible remote control. All you need is a well-configured lircrc file.

Enna Installation:
Open the terminal and type following commands
sudo apt-get install enna
Enna has a few default configuration settings which are stored in your $HOME/.enna/enna.cfg file.
If not existing, this file is created automatically the first time you start Enna.

Multiple things can be configured here, the more important ones probably would be:

 * File extensions (for music, videos and photos): only those listed here will be recognized under Enna.
 * Graphic rendering engine: X11, OpenGL, Framebuffer ...
 * Mediaplayer settings: prefred player, video and audio output ...
 * Path to your media resources, for direct access to given directories(i.e. shortcuts)
 * Media Database: locations to be parsed for multimedia contents. If none is passed, Enna will proceed with on-demand file information retrieval. You may also specify a list of blacklisted keywords that your filename may contain and that are non relevant for Internet information grabbing.


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