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Linux System Information and Benchmark tool - HardInfo

Benchmarking means measuring the speed with which a computer system will execute a computing task, in a way that will allow comparison between different hard/software combinations. It does not involve user-friendliness, aesthetic or ergonomic considerations or any other subjective judgment.

HardInfo is a tool which provides the various hardware and software information about the current system and also got the capability to perform some basic level of benchmark tests on Linux systems. It can also generate the reports about various hardware and software information in HTML format.

HardInfo Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command:
sudo apt-get install hardinfo
HardInfo looks like this when it is started. Selecting something on the left column will display detailed information about that module.

From the Computer section you can get a all the information regarding RAM, hard disk, attached multimedia devices, kernel modules in use, operating system type and languages, file systems, environment variables such as GTK Modules, XDG data DIRS and users

In the same way, the Devices section displays attached device information. Just click on a device name to get the information.

Similarly, in the Benchmark section you can perform some simple benchmarking tests on your system and can easy export that data into HTMl format reports.


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