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UI Based Password Manager - Figaro's Password Manager 2

Figaro's Password Manager 2 (FPM2) is a program that allows you to securely store the passwords. Passwords are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

If the password is for a web site, Figaro's Password Manager 2  can keep track of the URLs of your login screens and can automatically launch your browser. In this capacity, Figaro's Password Manager 2  acts as a kind of bookmark manager. You can teach Figaro's Password Manager 2  to launch other applications, and optionally pass host names, usernames or passwords to the command line.

Figaro's Password Manager 2  also has a password generator that can choose passwords for you. It allows you to determine how long the password should be, and what types of characters (lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols) should be used. You can even have it avoid ambiguous characters such as a capital O or the number zero.

Figaro's Password Manager 2  Features:
 * Passwords are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.
 * Key for encryption is generated with PBKDF2 using HMAC-SHA-256 with 8192 iterations.
 * Optionally you can use two-factor authentication. For decrypt list of passwords you must know master password and you must have key file.
 * Copy passwords or usernames to the clipboard/primary selection.
 * You can teach FPM2 to launch other applications, and optionally pass hostnames, usernames or passwords to the command line.
 * Passwords can be organized in various category and may have detailed notes.
 * With "search as you type" function you easily find what you want.
 * Auto-minimize and/or auto-locking passwords database after configurable time to the tray icon.

Figaro's Password Manager 2  Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command:
sudo apt-get install fpm2
After successful installation, you can open the application from 'dash'

Figaro's Password Manager 2 has a simple user friendly user interface.
On first screen, use a “master password” (plus a “key” file which is optional) for additional security & AES-256 for encrypting the contents.

One of the benefits of FPM2 is that it supports both GNU/Linux and Android platforms thus you can easily import/export your accounts with ease between those platforms. It uses powerful encryption algorithms to keep the data encrypted for maximum security as well.


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