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Working with tar with encryption

STEP 1 (Using the tar command on the directory /stuff)

Suppose you have a directory /stuff. To tar everything in stuff to create a “.tar” file.

$ tar -cvf stuff.tar stuff

Which will create “stuff.tar”.

STEP 2 (Using the tar command to create a “.tar.gz” of /stuff)

$ tar -czf stuff.tar.gz stuff

STEP 3 (List the files in the archive)

$ tar -tzf stuff.tar.gz
$ tar -tf stuff.tar

STEP 4 (A way to list specific files)

Note, pipe the results to a file and edit

$ tar -tzf stuff.tar.gz > mout

Then, edit mout to only include the files you want

$ tar -T mout -xzf stuff.tar.gz

The above command will only get the files in mout. Of couse, if you want them all

$ tar -xzf stuff.tar.gz


$ tar -zcvf - stuff|openssl des3 -salt -k secretpassword | dd of=stuff.des3

This will create stuff.des3…don’t forget the password you put in place of secretpassword. This can be done interactive as well.

$ dd if=stuff.des3 |openssl des3 -d -k secretpassword|tar zxf -

NOTE: above there is a “-” at the end… this will extract everything.


brudinie said...

Hi Nikesh.

This really helped me in creating an encrypted back up of our entire server.

You have saved me lots of time.


encryption said...

Hey Nikesh,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, I didn't know it was possible to encrypt a tar file.

That was very helpful.

Keep up the good job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Now, how do we decrypt the file?

DevOps said...

Anonymous said...

this is tips very popular . however , thanks you shared it . I hope the next tips .

Kim@ business directory said...

Though I got it before but it's really useful and popular as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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