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UNIX System V Signals

Symbol     Number   Action       Meaning

SIGHUP     1        exit         Hangs up.
SIGINT     2        exit         Interrupts.
SIGQUIT    3        core dump    Quits.
SIGILL     4        core dump    Illegal instruction.
SIGTRAP    5        core dump    Trace trap.
SIGIOT     6        core dump    IOT instruction.
SIGEMT     7        core dump    MT instruction.
SIGFPE     8        core dump    Floating point exception.
SIGKILL    9        exit         Kills (cannot be caught or ignored).
SIGBUS     10       core dump    Bus error.
SIGSEGV    11       core dump    Segmentation violation.
SIGSYS     12       core dump    Bad argument to system call.
SIGPIPE    13       exit         Writes on a pipe with no one to read it.
SIGALRM    14       exit         Alarm clock.
SIGTERM    15       exit         Software termination signal.


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