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Quick Postfix Virtual Hosts Configuration

There is 3 main files that need to be modifiy:

    * /etc/mailname : the visible mail name of the system
    * /etc/aliases : Postfix local alias database format
    * /etc/postfix/ : Postfix configuration parameters

/etc/mailname : This is where you set the domain name of the system, has seen by the other. It needs, in most cases, to look like a real domain name, otherwise, the next smtp server on the road might refuse the mails originating from your machine.

In this example, I choose

/etc/aliases :
The place you define aliases. For instance, it is quite good to redirect all mail to root to your normal user.


    # Added by installer for initial user
    root: myuser

    From now on, you will be able to get system notice using mutt with your myuser user.

/etc/postfix/ :

The place we are going to make a few changes. Let’s say I want to be able to relay mail sent to user at to my personnal adress

In the first place I need to define a virtual alias domain.

    virtual_alias_domains =

Then, we need to tell postfix where the alias database is:

    virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

Adding those 2 lines is sufficient to make your box treat the mail sent to Now, we need to tell postfix what to do with the mails.

Create and Edit the file /etc/postfix/virtual and add: myuser

At the first line, we say that we want all the mail to to be forwarded to
On the second line we tell postfix to deliver the mails to to the Unix user myuser.
On line 3, we define a catch-all adress which will forward any mails to mail account to the mail account

This is it!

Now we need to regenerate the aliases database as well as the virtual mail aliases dataase. To do so, execute the following commands:

    root@laptop:~#postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

And restart postfix:


And you are done Smiling.


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