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CD ripper and audio converter

jRipper is a CD ripper and audio converter that can encode and decode WAV, FLAC, MP3, Ogg, and AAC(M4A) formats. It is a frontend to the cdda2wav, lame, oggenc/oggdec, flac, and faac/faad programs. It can load CD track names from or by using the cdda2wav program.


jRipper 2008.06 windows installer with all encoders.
jRipper 2008.06 jar file (for other platforms or Windows)
The minimum requirement is Java 1.5.
And the MD5 file.

Source is in the java file.
Windows version of cdda2wav comes from here
main.c in faac (progress output suppressed)
main.c in faad (two extra flush for stderr)
JGoodies (for compiling jRipper)


To use jRipper on other platforms than Windows, you must install/compile the encoder/decoder programs for your operating system.

If you are using Windows, use the installer.
On other platforms, or windows, you can start jRipper with
java -jar jripper.jar

Settings in jRipper

Set the path to the encoder/decoder programs unless you have them already in the system path.
Or in windows start jRipper from the installed directory (by default)

Set the CD device.
Typical values are /dev/cdrom for normal ide drives in linux.
1,0,0 for SCSI or SCSI/IDE emulation or for Windows.

For SCSI settings run cdda2wav -scanbus as root in unix or as an administrator user in windows from a console to get a list of available drives. This command can be executed from the setup dialog, which appends found drives in the drop down list box of drive choices.

Set the root destination folder for your encoded tracks.


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