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How To install OpenSuse 11 directly from Windows

Linux Installation has no been easy task for windows user on windows platform. here come Instlux where it is an opensource application automates linux installation on windows platform. currently user able to use Instlux to install linux distribution either OpenSuse or Ubuntu only.

instlux is a Microsoft Windows application that prepares your computer to directly boot into the openSUSE installation without having to adjust BIOS settings. To use instlux, insert the openSUSE media under Windows. The openSUSE 11.0 Installer setup automatically starts. Choose a language for the installation and follow the instructions on the screen. The language you choose here is also used for the openSUSE installation. instlux is only available on DVD media.

On the next reboot, the Microsoft Windows boot loader launches. Choose openSUSE 11.0 installer to start the openSUSE installation. In order to proceed with the installation, you will be prompted to insert the installation media. The installation proceeds as described below. When Microsoft Windows is booted again, instlux is automatically uninstalled.

This opensource software has been make windows user more painless when migrating windows to linux but unfortunelately now just support OpenSuse and Ubuntu only. Hope this opensource software can support more linux distribution.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to try this method, but since this method is new to me, I just went with the normal install. I'll try it on some guinea pig's system :D

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