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Automatic Software Installer for Ubuntu Linux - Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge Script for Ubuntu
* Bleeding Edge is a shell script designed for Ubuntu(32bit,64bit supported).
 * Installs repositories, keys, and software like media players, codecs, drivers, etc.
 * It can even clean up the system and save you some precious disk space.
 * Popular supported applications include Google Earth, Google Chrome, CLI Companion, Y PPA Manager, Ubuntu Tweak among others.

Install and Run Bleeding Edge in Ubuntu
 * Download Bleeding Edge Script from here
 * Go to the terminal and type following command to make Bleeding edge script executable
chmod +x
* Type following command to execute Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge also have many miscellaneous options such as those for downloading media players, codecs and restricted extras, Getdeb and Playdeb repositories, Google Voice and Video chat plugin etc. Other interesting functionalities include uninstalling Mono, enabling Terminal from Right Click option, moving windows buttons to right option among others.


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For Win x86/x64 use Actuall Installer

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